How To Delete Postmates Account?

Postmates is an online platform that provides on-demand services for transporting different goods. It facilitates the customers by delivering the products around the cities and changes the logistics process in urban areas.

They offer delivery services for anything that you buy from any local store or restaurant. This logistics company is powered with an online booking system and hires the riders to fulfill the job.

How to delete the postmates account

There are currently two ways through which you can delete the postmates account. Let’s take a brief look at them comprehensively.

Cancel with postmates form

The first way to cancel the postmates account is through postmates form available on their official website. Follow the simple steps to cancel the account.

Step 1:

Visit the official website and go to contact us form page through the link

Step 2:

There you will find different fields that require for submitting the form like name, subject, email id, business type, and address. Carefully fill the fields with correct data.

Step 3:

In the form, you will also find a description field where you have to describe the reasons for canceling the account.

Step 4:

There you will find “how can we help” option. Select the option “help me with my contract” and click on the submit button as a final step.

Cancel account by sending email

Here is another simple process for deleting the postmates account by sending an email from your email address registered with postmates. Just follow the simple steps:

Step 1:

Open your registered email address and compose an email to official email of postmates that is

Step 2:

Type “request to cancel my account” in the subject field

Step 3:

Write a detailed email regarding the deletion of the account along with reasons and finally click on the send button.

You may receive an automatic reply and get your account blocked in four working days.

How to cancel postmates order?

Postmates also offers to its customers to cancel the order if they don’t want to deliver the goods anymore. Order an may require some charges or maybe free depending on some specific conditions.

If the status of the order shown as pending and hasn’t placed and the rider of postmate has not arrived at the desired location. Then it is totally free of cost to cancel the order.

If the order is placed and the rider is on his way to collect the items, then you have to pay for the items and a cancellation fee. As the order is not completed therefore, you don’t have to pay the full delivery fee or service fee.

If the order you place is picked by the rider of postmates and he is on his way. Then you have to pay the full amount for the items picked along with delivery charges and service fees as well.

Postmates structured the cancellation policy to compensate both riders and merchants for their time fairly.

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