How Much Do Postmates Make?

Postmates is an online good delivering company and works as a bridge between customers and suppliers through their riders. This on-demand service is supported by an App. The users can create an account for free and order the required items — for example, food, alcohol, groceries, or anything they need at their home or workplace.

Postmates is the right place for people who want to earn additional income decently. As a part-time job for professionals to pay off the loans and for students to pay off their fees, it is feasible to earn as per their desired working hours.

However, the persons who want high paying jobs may look for some alternatives to generate income. This is an on-demand delivery platform and may not suits to earn a high income.

How much do postmates make?

Postmates also offer job opportunities for people who are unemployed and looking for a job. The company requires applicants to have their own transport, android or iPhone device and must be 18 years old.

Usually, people are worried about how much does postmates cost to them for getting services. This depends on the condition, whether you are a subscriber or not. If you are getting the services from postmates, but you are not a subscriber, then you have to pay the delivery fee along with the items you purchased.

But if you are subscriber, then you are not liable to pay the delivery fee if you already pay 20$ as a service fee on multiple orders in that month. However, subscribers have to pay fix 9.99$ per month in addition to regular service fees up to 20$.

Earning of postmates depends on the city where the services are provided. But the regular schedule of fee includes the amount for every pick & drop off for a completed job — per-minute wait for picking the order and per-mile rate for traveling to drop off location. Additionally, riders get blitz bonuses on every order that they accept.

Riders are allowed to keep the 80% share of delivery fee that starts from 5$ depending on the distance traveled. Postmates claim that experienced riders can earn up to 9.87$ per hour, but this rate goes down to 8$ in peak hours.

When does postmates pay you?

Postmates pay their riders after four to seven days of delivery because, as independent contractors, drivers need cash to take care of their vehicles and to fulfill the running expenses. They have to travel most of the time during working hours. Therefore proper maintenance is necessary for the vehicle.

On the other hand, after spending some time, riders know very well how they earn more and the area that suits them more. Different areas suit bikers and walkers. Therefore, riders want to move to a particular area for higher earnings.

Postmates also include the tip system within the app that enables the customers to pay the tip along with items payment if they want to do so.

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